Business House

  • Thursday – BUSINESS HOUSE 6 aside
  • Half field, 25min halves
  • Adults only (limited experience, social)
  • 24 team limit, games at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm
  • 29th October – 10th December (7 weeks)
  • $350 per team

Umpires: All grades are self umpired.
Level: All grades are deemed social.
Team: Mixed gender for all grades.
Entries: There are limited entries available in each competition. Now full.
Fees: Due by the first week of competition, teams will be invoiced.
Rules: 2020 Adult Summer League 6-a-side Rules and Guidelines

Summer Hockey Draws

Family Draw  |  Kids Draw  | Open 6-aside | Adult 6-aside | Open 11-aside

There are three pools – check each one to find your team.