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Application Forms

New Zealand Hockey, Sport Waikato & Waikato Hockey Volunteers Awards Applications

Volunteers Application Awards are now available for download on this page.

The Terms of the Volunteers Awards are:

  • Advertise these honours to ALL Members, Club Secretaries, Schools, and affiliations, through the WHA website under ABOUT US.
  • Application deadline, to this Committee be 1st September EACH year.
  • A form(PDF) should be available for download from the WHA website, by any persons submitting a nominee.
  • To be elected the nominee must have demonstrated a significant contribution to the Waikato Hockey Association over a period of time, 10;15;20;25+ years; EXCEPT for SPORT WAIKATO Awards.
  • Nominees may qualify in the following areas. COACH/ MANAGER/ UMPIRE/ TECHNICAL OFFICER/ ADMINISTRATOR or being a GENERAL CONTRIBUTOR (eg Fundraiser) that the Board deems relevant. Players are excluded.
  • All nominations be sent to the WHA CEO who will bring the nomination form(s) for discussion to this Committee, for discussion and analysis, before submitting a conclusion to the WHA Board for its decision.
  • All evidence regarding the nominees involvement must be in sufficient detail to allow this Committee and the WHA Board to make an informed decision based on the criteria in this policy as whether the nominee is worthy of a WHA Service Award; a Sport Waikato Nomination; a New Zealand Hockey Award; an FIH nomination; or WHA LIFE MEMBERSHIP.

Signed by Committee:

WHA Board Rep. & CEO WHA.

NZ Hockey Constitution

28.2 Service Awards

Service awards will be announced at Annual General Meetings for outstanding service to Affiliated Associations. Conditions of the awards will be:

A length of service to hockey in one of the following categories:

Bronze Award: (ii) Between fifteen (15) and nineteen (19) years of service to hockey.

Silver Award: (iii) Between twenty (20) and twenty four (24) years of service to hockey.

Gold Award: (iv) For twenty five (25) or more years of service to hockey.

Service can be in any area of the sport, i.e. administrator, member of the committee, or volunteer in any capacity.

Nomination(s) are to be made by the Board or management committee of an Affiliated Association, and, together with citation(s), must reach the Chief Executive not later than 49 days prior to the Annual General Meeting in each year.

All nominations will be considered by the Board, and the granting of a Service Award will be at the sole discretion of the Board.

The service badges will be announced and awarded at the Annual General Meeting.