Waikato Hockey


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Turf Locations

Gallagher Hockey Centre

The Gallagher Hockey Centre is the main centre for Hockey in the Waikato.

  • Parking: Note that during peak times the parking lot gets very busy, allow extra time during school hockey for parking. Be prepared to walk 5 minutes down the road if required (especially on Saturday’s during Mini Hockey)
  • Lights: Will be controlled by timer or by WHA staff if required.
  • Water: See WHA or cafe staff if Turf requires watering.
  • Toilets: Located inside the pavilion, inside downstairs changing rooms and to the side of the changing rooms.

Turf Layout – ALL Mini age groups 2022

Turf Layout – Rainbow

Turf Layout for Quarter field

Turf Layout for Half field

Waikato Hockey is also fortunate to have use of other satellite turfs around the Waikato:

See below for all locations, maps and further information regarding these venues.

Schick Community Hockey Centre (Hamilton Boys High School)

Access: Argyle Street, Hamilton East

Parking: There is a carpark within HBHS school grounds, follow the signs from Argyle Street.

Gate Access: The gates into the turf will be open 15 minutes prior to the first game. Do not jump gates or fences to turf.

Practice Turf: Unfortunately there is no practice turf available.

Lights: Will be controlled by a timer or by WHA staff if required. Lights will turn off promptly 15 minutes after the last game.

​​​​​​​Water: Controlled by switch at the turf.

Toilets: Located downstairs of the gym by the rugby fields.

HBHS parking access map, toilet location and changing rooms.

St Peters School

Cambridge Road, Cambridge

Parking: Please park in parking spaces only and do not park on grass. See below for specific instructions for each night.

Friday night: Please follow parking wardens instructions. Friday night mini/intermediate hockey, please use the two external toilets. There will be no changing rooms available.

Wednesday night:

Wednesday Night Hockey Parking 2022

You may access the school grounds from 5pm.

Two changing rooms available for Wednesday night hockey – changing rooms 1 & 4. These will be available from 5.15pm.
The practice turf lights will turn on at 5.15pm.
The turf lights will turn on at 5.30pm, due to H&S reasons please do not access the turf before the lights turn on.

Lights: Will turn on at 5.30pm for the first game at 5.55pm. Will automatically turn off at 8.40pm.

Water: Watering of the turf will take place at 5.30pm and 7pm on Wednesday; and at 3.30pm on a Friday. This will be an 8 minute cycle.

Toilets: Please use the two external toilets. These are located at the front of the Sports Centre near the tennis courts. Changing rooms are only available on Wednesday (from 5.15pm).
Toilets should be unlocked, but if not, team managers will have the code to access the key in the lock box beside the toilets.


  • For Cambridge Mini Hockey on a Friday, please do not access the school grounds till after 3.30pm to allow our school traffic to depart.
  • For Wednesday night hockey, please do not access the school grounds until 5pm. Changing rooms from 5.15pm.

St Pauls Collegiate

Hukanui Road, Chartwell, Hamilton

Parking: Schools front car park, turn right at the school roundabout. Do not park on the grass and do not park by the pavilion.

Practice Turf: Do not jump the fence from the practice turf across to the turf.

Use of Changing Rooms: This is accessed through the bottom of the building. If playing a St Paul’s team use the Away changing room (labelled). Ensure that things are kept clean and tidy and take all belongings as you go to your game.

Use of the Top half of the Pavilion: Access via the stairs OR wheelchair access via the lift which is accessible on the bottom floor. People are welcome to view from the balcony or inside. If chairs are taken outside, please put them back inside.

Turf Access: There is a sliding gate in line with the pavilion. This must be used and kept shut where possible.

Lights: On a timer

Water: Pre-booking

Toilets: Are available downstairs and upstairs of the Pavilion.

Fraser High School

Ellicott Road, Hamilton

Parking: In the gymnasium car park – please do not drive to the Turf as the gate will be locked at 5pm and you will get locked in.

Lights: The light access is in the gymnasium near the main doors, these should be turned on and off for you but if needed please check with staff

Gate Access: The gates will be unlocked.

Toilets: The toilets are located either in the gymnasium or at the back of the turf

Other: Please do not go onto the turf before 4.20pm if there are school teams training on there – Fraser also use this turf for netball training and it can be dangerous.

Waikato Diocesan School

Access from McNicol Street, Chartwell.

Parking: In the school car park next to the turf (off McNicol Street alongside the turf).

Lights: The lights are turned on by the turf and must be turned OFF by the last teams playing. There is an on and off switch on the pole (see photo here of Dio lights).

Toilets: The toilet door required a code. The toilets are located at the back of the Sports Centre. See WHA or team manager for the code, the door needs to be unlocked and locked every night.

Matamata College

Parking: Main Carpark- Off Firth Street through the school’s main gates, on the side street Mill Crescent.

Lights: Lights are situated on the pole to your right when you enter the gate.

Gate Access: Gate will not be locked (if the gate is locked the turf key will open that gate). Keys are located in the lock box at the front door of Matamata College Main Office – the code will be given to the person/s in charge once the agreement has been signed.

Toilets: A Block Toilets, which are situated on the right of our staff room.

Other: Please ensure you turn off the turf lights, toilet lights and make sure the toilet doors are locked by using the turf key.