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Umpire Development & Pathways

Waikato Hockey was pleased to announce in 2023 the appointment of Bevan Nichol as Umpire Development and Pathways Manager, the first role of its kind at our Association.

Bevan has played and umpired hockey in the Waikato for over 20 years, having worked his way from the grassroots level up the pathway to the rank of international umpire. He has been appointed to umpire at Hockey New Zealand’s premier national tournaments for over 10 years, and is an active umpire coach accredited by the Federation of International Hockey as an Educator and Coach Developer.

Waikato Hockey Umpire Academy
He has formed the Waikato Hockey Umpire Academy with the purpose of providing a pathway of high-quality training and ongoing support for the Waikato Umpire and Umpire Coach Community. His end goal is to create a structured pathway of facilitated training and development that has both online, in person, and practical assessment elements which facilitates support and collaboration between umpires and umpire coaches within the Waikato community.

He’s pleased to share his priorities for the 2024 Season

“2024 – The year of the Waikato Hockey Umpire Academy”

Priority 1 – Development
Deliver our Academy Development Pathway for umpires and umpire coaches.

Priority 2 – Governance
Facilitate a functional Officiating Governance Structure.

Priority 3 – Celebrate
Promote and celebrate our officiating community commitment and achievements.

Get in touch with Bevan about umpiring this season – Bevan@waikatohockey.org.nz