Registrations Now Open

Secondary Hockey 2020 (Revised Season):

Umpire Workshop: Tuesday 16 June, 6.30pm

Team Registrations Due: Monday 15th June

Hockio Training (Team Managers / Coaches): For those that missed the first session, another training will be held on Thursday 16 July, 6.30pm.

This will involve training for our new Match Day scoring software. It is recommended that Team Managers, Coaches, Umpires and Sports Co-ordinators attend – anyone who will be involved in the Game Day scoring.

NOTE: If you have entered teams in the original 2020 season process, you will need to re-enter teams based on season changes.

Season Dates:

Term 2: Two optional weeks (22nd June – 1st July). Two weeks of warm up games.

Optional 2 weeks Draw
This is now available on our website and via the Hockio app. Draws via the website are best viewed on a computer.

Note that some of the games are 3-way split games (teams that are part of those have 2x 25min games, this was to avoid BYES for these 2 weeks, unfortunately 1 team will have a 30min wait between matches). On the website this can be shown with the note Term 2 Optional 3 way, this note does not show on the app.

Term 3: 20th July – 23rd September
No play: In July school holidays
A Grade: Does not run week of Secondary School Tournament (fees have been adjusted to reflect this).



There is no MISSC for A grade in 2020, local competition only.

A & B – Wednesday (A grade will not play on 2 Sept)
C – Tuesday
D – Monday


​​​​​​​Besides the normal rules for hockey, Coaches and Managers should make themselves familiar with the Junior Hockey Bylaws.

  2020 JD Competition Rules


A grade: $1635 (this includes allocated umpires)
B, C, D grade: $1615 (self-appointed umpires)
6-aside: $795 (self-appointed umpires)


With the large number of teams we are using every turf space available, this will mean you can be playing at one of the following venues, please treat each venue with respect and PLEASE make sure all rubbish (empty drink bottles especially) are put in the rubbish bins.

GHC: Exiting GHC (Mary St ONLY) can be a struggle at the best of times. If traffic is busy PLEASE don’t sit at the Mary St intersection and try to turn right , go left cross the railroad and look to use a side street to change direction.

St Pauls: Carparking is available near the turf if the carpark is full park on the road outside the school DO NOT park on grassed areas.

Schick Community Hockey Centre, Hamilton Boys High: Access via Argyle Street.


Dio: Access to the Turf is from Martin St off McNicol St off Clarkin Road.


St Peters: Carparking is available near the turf if the carpark is full DO NOT park on grassed areas. Please find suitable parking elsewhere.

Score Cards / Results:

The system of recording results has changed for 2020.

​​​​​​​WHA is implementing new draws and standing software, which will also be used to submit results. Training and information will be provided. Please attend the schools meeting for initial information. The app can be downloaded in the Google Play store and Apple store.

There will be a workshop for the new Hockio scoring system, for Secondary Team Managers / Coaches: Friday 19th June, 6.30pm

Cancellation Rules:

Please check the WHA website home page around 2pm for official status of games.

Otherwise: If not cancelled AND weather changes it is up to the Umpires (in consultation with coaches) to determine if the match starts or is abandoned. A game is usually only abandoned for:

  • Thunderstorms (two or more lightning flashes in 5min)
  • Flooding (Surface is covered in water) and is unplayable
  • Any situation the umpires deem unsafe (player safety is paramount)

A game can be started up to 15min late or have a 15min stoppage(e.g. 45min of play can be completed) and a result obtained BUT all games must finish /Stop as normal 5 min before next match is due to start.

Should the game be called off the following rules will apply:

  • If 45min play completed the result will stand.
  • As we don’t have facility to replay or complete ALL matches, all other cancellations will be a recorded as 0-0 Draw.