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2021 Season Dates

Secondary Pre-season Meeting: (formerly known as school’s meeting) was held on Tuesday 30th March, 6.30pm at Gallagher Hockey Centre (GHC)

Slideshow of the pre-season Secondary meeting.

Team Registrations were due: 23rd April 2021

Season begins: Week 10 May 2021

No play: 5 June (Queens birthday); During July School Holidays

Last week: 23rd August 2021

Umpire Workshop

On Wednesday 5th May, at 6.30pm at GHC, there is a workshop for Secondary Umpires. Recommend that all umpires attend. Click here to sign up.

Reminder A grade Umpires are appointed. All other grades are self-appointed umpires. No abuse (Verbal, physical or otherwise will be tolerated! These people are volunteers and, in most cases, learning to umpire just as your players are learning to play and will make mistakes. Show understanding and support as if they were your responsibility.


Confirmed nights:

U18 A grade (girls and boys) – Wednesday
U15 grade (girls and boys) – Tuesday
U18 B (girls and boys) – Wednesday
U18 C (girls and boys, mixed teams play in the boys grade) – Monday
6 aside social (mixed teams, all U18) – Tuesday

Format for Secondary 2021

2021 Entries by Grade

Notes about grade changes for 2021:
U15 grade
  1. To protect and continue to encourage our younger secondary school students and to keep them playing hockey (particularly year 9 and 10’s). Under the old format, many year 9 students would end up playing in a grade that included year 12 and 13 students. This difference in age, ability and physical size makes it very difficult for our younger players and they end up being discouraged from playing hockey.
  2. As all our intermediate hockey is now half field, Waikato Hockey find it appropriate to have a dedicated grade where players can learn the full field game. Having an U15 grade allows for this, without dropping players into the deep end.
  3. Having an U15 grade encourages schools to work on player development. A team that specifically caters to younger players is better for their development.
U18 grade
The U18 grades are U18 “open” this means all students from year 9-13 can play in the U18 grades. There is also no rule that you have to enter teams into the U15 grades. For schools that have the player numbers we believe it is beneficial have U15 teams but those decisions are up to the school.
Allowing for U18 open (no school affiliation requirement)
  • UPDATE 26.3.21 : While our WHA bylaws , policies etc have aimed at getting players on the field and involved and initial communications had an option to request dispensation for non secondary students to be considered the WSSSC has decreed that ONLY that only enrolled students (including those who are home-schooled) be able to participate in the competition”. So apologies for any confusion. Hopefully this doesn’t effect to many Schools ability to field teams. Should you have any feedback or queries regarding this change please email/contact Ned office@waikatohockey.org.nz.


​​​​​​​Besides the normal rules for hockey, Coaches and Managers should make themselves familiar with the Junior Hockey Bylaws.

2021 JD Competition Rules

U18 Mixed 6 aside rules 2021


U18A grade: $2450 (this includes allocated umpires)

Rest of Secondary 11-aside grades: $2200 (self-appointed umpires)

6-aside: $950 (self-appointed umpires)


With the large number of teams we are using every turf space available, this will mean you can be playing at one of the following venues, please treat each venue with respect and PLEASE make sure all rubbish (empty drink bottles especially) are put in the rubbish bins.

Open view all locations here.

Score Cards / Results

The system of recording results will be through Hockio. It is recommended that Team Managers, Coaches, Umpires and Sports Co-ordinators are familair with using Hockio.

Training and information will be provided. Please attend the schools meeting, Tuesday 30th March, 6.30pm at Gallagher Hockey Centre (GHC), for initial information. Or contact Ned or Shelley to arrange a time for training. There is also information guides available in the Resources and Polices section of the website.

The app can be downloaded in the Google Play store and Apple store.

Cancellation Rules

Please check the WHA website home page around 2pm for official status of games.

Otherwise: If not cancelled AND weather changes it is up to the Umpires (in consultation with coaches) to determine if the match starts or is abandoned. A game is usually only abandoned for:

    • Thunderstorms (two or more lightning flashes in 5min)
    • Flooding (Surface is covered in water) and is unplayable
    • Any situation the umpires deem unsafe (player safety is paramount)

A game can be started up to 15min late or have a 15min stoppage(e.g. 45min of play can be completed) and a result obtained BUT all games must finish /Stop as normal 5 min before next match is due to start.

Should the game be called off the following rules will apply:

    • If 45min play completed the result will stand.
    • As we don’t have facility to replay or complete ALL matches, all other cancellations will be a recorded as 0-0 Draw.

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