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About Us

WHA Vision

New Zealand’s leading Hockey Association

Our Values

Passion, trust, honesty, loyalty, teamwork, friendliness, respectfulness, professionalism, and sportsmanship.

Our Mission

To provide an environment for the enjoyment, growth and development of hockey for all in the Waikato region.


The Gallagher Hockey Centre is the main centre for Hockey in the Waikato. This is where the WHA offices are located, Queens Avenue, Hamilton.

Waikato Hockey is also fortunate to have use of other satellite turfs including:

• Schick Community Hockey Centre (Hamilton Boys High School) – Argyle Street
• St Peters School – State Highway 1
• Craigs St Pauls Collegiate – Hukanui Road
• Fraser High School – Ellicott Road
• Waikato Diocesan – Off McNicol Street

View locations and information for all satellite turfs used for Waikato Hockey.


Waikato Hockey Association (WHA) is a representative Board, its membership coming from five (5) management Boards elected prior to the AGM.

The WHA Board functions as a governance Board, concentrating on the strategic objectives and directions of the Association; manages the Strategic Plan and sets policies; employs and supervises the Hockey Manager and ensures the Association meets its legal and financial obligations and compliance under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.

The Board is removed from the day to day management of the Association, which is carried out by the Hockey Manager, paid staff, and volunteers.

This association functions under the auspices of the New Zealand hockey association & FIH.

Waikato Hockey Charitable Trust Vision

“To facilitate the development and growth of Hockey in the Waikato Region by the provision and maintenance of economically sustainable world-class facilities.”

FACILITATE – To foster, encourage and ensure an event happens.

GROWTH – To ensure the situation exists for the continuing improvement of players.

DEVELOPMENT – To enable an increasingly high standard of Hockey is achievable.

PROVISION – Provide the planning execution and erection of such playing surfaces and support facilities as are necessary.

MAINTENANCE – To ensure the ongoing viability of the asset base by implementation of regular maintenance programs.

ECONOMICALLY SUSTAINABLE – To ensure all investments are made on a fiscally prudent and sound basis.

WORLD CLASS FACILITIES – The supply and maintenance of facilities that meet all world Hockey body requirements and standards.

Strategic Plan & Constitution

Rules/Constitution of WHA as at 30 March 2014, incorporating the amendments/changes and presented in an easy to read format.

WHA 2020 to 2025 Strategic-Plan

Waikato Hockey Association Constitution 2009