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Wintec U18 Development Program

WHA will deliver weekly U18 Development trainings in term 1 and term 2. These trainings are aimed for players of all abilities. Participants will be training in small groups working on individual skill development. Trainings will have an emphasis on basic skill, advanced techniques, generic principles of play and decision making.

Cost of the Wintec U18 Development Program is $299

Included in the program:

    • Term 1 Development trainings on Wednesdays 6-7.30pm at St. Paul’s (girls) or Boys High (boys) (10 weeks)
      • Starts 10th February 2021. Ends 14th April 2021.
    • Term 1 Selection trainings on Mondays 6.00-7pm at Gallagher Hockey Centre (8 weeks)
      • Starts 15th February 2021. Ends 12th April 2021. Excludes Easter Monday.
    • Term 2 Development trainings on Mondays 5.30-7pm at Gallagher Hockey Centre (10 weeks)
    • All year Strength and Conditioning Program (52 weeks)
    • All year Two supervised gym sessions per week at Wintec Rotokauri Campus (26 weeks)
    • Two athlete life workshops

U18 Selection / Development trainings

Leading into National Tournament WHA will have weekly selection / development trainings in term 1. The selection / development trainings are not mandatory, as they are there to serve the athletes best interest. Upon selection for the WHA U18 teams the team trainings in term 2  will be mandatory.

Term 1 Selection trainings are

Mondays 6-7pm at Gallagher Hockey Centre (8 weeks)

Upon selections Term 2 Team trainings are

Mondays 5.30-7pm at Gallagher Hockey Centre* (10 weeks)


Cost of the U18 Selection / Development is $50

* Cost of the team trainings and campaign will be additional

For players that are part of the Wintec U18 Development Program the U18 Selection / Development trainings are free of charge.

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