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Mini Hockey

2023 Season Dates

Mini Pre-season Meeting: 6.00pm, Wednesday 29th March
Mini Team Registration due: 6th April 2023 via Play HQ

Coach and Game Facilitator (umpire) Workshops: Tuesday 4th April and Wednesday 26th April, 2023

Rainbow Funsticks Coach Workshop: Coaches only 29th April, 8am (no children required for this).

Season begins: Saturday 29th April for year 3-6
Season begins: Saturday 6th May for year 1-2 (Rainbow Funsticks)

No play: Kings Birthday 3rd June and School Holidays, 8th & 15th July.

Last weekend: 26th August (With it being the last day of Mini – let’s make it a bit more fun for the kids and have a dress-up day!)M

Team Size (all Mini teams)

Community spirit, WHA lets play initiative. 

Here at Waikato Hockey we are about playing hockey! When entering teams for our primary and intermediate competitions you will see a recommended player number per team. If you have less than this number but still enough to field a team please do not be afraid to enter. We believe in getting kids out on the turf playing hockey. If you only have 6 players in your 6 aside team and one happens to be away or sick then we encourage you to approach the team you are playing and ask if they have any extra players that can help out. This is common place in other sports and allows everyone more opportunity to get on the field.


Besides the rules for the grades and the guidelines, Waikato Hockey has a rule that ONLY players and the Coach/Manager are to be on the field ALL other supporters must be behind the field fences.

General Information
Mini Format

Mini Hockey is a Saturday morning winter competition for Primary school children in Years 1-6.

In the Mini programme Years 3-6 teams play 6-a-side hockey.

There are different divisions for Mini Hockey.

Year 1 and 2 (Rainbow Funsticks)

There will be a training session for Coaches of Rainbow teams on Saturday 29 April 2023 (8am, no children required) . Please meet on Turf 1, HA. Bring hockey stick and a note book should you wish to take notes.

The Rainbow Funsticks program will begin the following week. WHA will provide coaches to work with team coaches for some sessions (dates TBA). This will be explained in more detail at the coaching session on 29th April. The Rainbow Funsticks program includes 20 min coaching prior to a 20 min game.

WHA will provide a WHA Coach to lead the training sessions on selected dates. On the other dates the school team coach is to lead the training portion of the Rainbow session, using the drills that WHA provide prior to the session, Ben will also be floating on these days for any assistance/questions.

"Coaching in the Rainbow Funsticks program is so much fun. I hadn’t played hockey since I was in school and I was unsure what to expect, but the staff at Waikato Hockey are so supportive and helped me out every step of the way, I was reliving my glory years in no time!! I loved it so much, I signed up again. It’s a great way to get involved with the kids. Whether you are like me and haven’t played in years or if you’ve never played or coached for that matter...The team and facilities at Waikato Hockey make it a great experience for everyone!"
Rainbow Coach - Hukanui 2020

6 Players in a team*

4 Field players on the field

No goalkeepers


Twelfth field

20 min coaching prior to game (provided by WHA most weeks, format TBC)

Two goals each side

20 min game

Totaling 40-45 min


Boys and girls mixed

No grades

No scores kept

Year 3 and 4

8-9 Players in a team*

6 Field players on the field

No goalkeepers


Quarter field

Two mini goals each side

2 x 13 min. periods

2 min. breaks between halves


Boys and girls mixed

Beginner, Development & Advanced divisions

No scores kept

No finals

Year 5 and 6

9 Players in a team*

6 Field players on the field

No goalkeepers


Quarter field (no Half field 2021)

One mini goal each side

2 x 13 min. periods

2 min. breaks between halves


Boys and girls mixed

Beginner, Development & Advanced divisions

No scores kept

No finals


We strongly encourage rotation of playing positions for all players. This encourages development of different, transferable skills and conceptual understanding across all players.

*Recommended team size

2023 Fees

Year 1/2: Rainbow $270

Year 3/4 & 5/6 quarter field: $405


Mini hockey is played at either the Gallagher Hockey Centre or St Pauls Collegiate.

GHC: Parking can be an issue here so look for alternatives, around lake domain and even at the Train Station, both within a 5 minute walk.

Exiting GHC (Mary St ONLY) can be a struggle at the best of times. If traffic is busy PLEASE don’t sit at the Mary St intersection and try to turn right , go left cross the railroad and look to use a side street to change direction.

St Pauls: Carparking is available near the turf if the carpark is full park on the road outside the school DO NOT park on grassed areas.

And PLEASE make sure all rubbish (empty drink bottles especially) are put in the rubbish!

      Turf Layout – ALL Mini age groups 2022


These will be uploaded to Play HQ. This is used purely for grading purposes. More information and training to be provided.

Umpires / Game Facilitator

Each team is to provide an umpire / game facilitator, with a whistle, for their own game who may also be the Coach. 

Umpires are to stay on the same field that they are umpiring on. They are not to position themselves on an adjoining turf.

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