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Tentative 2024 Dates

Just Hockey Festival- 09/03/2024

Senior Reserve Grade- 17/03/2024-25/08/2024: No Play: 31/03/2024 (Easter), 02/06/2024 (Kings Birthday), 30/06/2024 (Matariki)

Premier/Intercity-  13/04/2024-24/08/2024: No Play: 01/06/2024 (Kings Birthday), 29/06/2024 (Matariki)

Club Hockey 2023

Club Musters

Visit the Club Information page for Muster details.

Pre-Season Festival

On 11th March Waikato Hockey is looking to run a pre-season half field festival. Details to come in the new year.


The plan is for prems is to start on 15th April with an Intercity competition that doubles up as Waikato round in terms of points collated. At the end of the Intercity comp. The Waikato standings then play SF/F to get a Waikato comp winner (depending on the number of teams) so will look to finish 26th August.


Start Date: 19 March 2023
No play: Queens Birthday (4th June), Matariki (16 July)
Finals Date: 3 September 2023

Senior Division Umpires Workshop

All Senior/Club umpires should attend.

There will be a workshop for all SD umpires (Prem and Res). Aim is to provide an overview of new pathways and development system and go over guidelines for the season in terms of interpretations for certain rules so that umpires/players/managers/coaches can start the year on the same page.

Recommended for all SD umpires or prospective umpires, coaches /managers. Umpire shirts are still being distributed once certain criteria are met, one of which you have to attended the above workshop.

Date: TBA

Rules and Bylaws

For all rules visit the resources and polices page.

Player Transfer

Use the below form if you are playing for a new Club and wish to transfer. OR if you are wanting to play and haven’t found a Club yet.

Player Transfer form.

Café Incentive

Please remember to collect your tokens for every $10 spent at the café and deposit in your club box.

Senior Division (SD)

The Senior Division is responsible for the Senior winter competition.


2023 SD Committee

Season: WHA provides various grades to suit all players with Premier Hockey played on Saturday afternoon and Reserve Hockey on Sunday.

Grades: The following grades are available for clubs to enter teams in:

  • Men: Premier, Reserve 1, Reserve 2, Reserve 3
  • Women: Premier, Reserve 1, Reserve 2

Draws and Standings

Senior News