Club Hockey 2020

Season starts on 7/8th March 2020
Reserve grades: ​​​​​​​Season ends 30th August 2020.

Senior Division AGM 2020

7pm, Tuesday 18th February
WHA Boardroom

Club Contacts

Please confirm these to Ned, if changed from 2019 season

​​​​​​​Player Transfers

Open the Player Transfer form.


Cafe Incentive

Please remember to collect your tokens for every $10 spent at the café and deposit in your club box.

Marty Maggie VICKERS

Marty & Maggie VICKERS

Senior Division (SD)

The Senior Division is responsible for the Senior Winter Competition and is currently Chaired by Marty Vickers.

2020 Committee: Marty Vickers (Chairperson), Anita Burton, Jerram Clulow, Steve Tiang, Kim Herod, Bruce Becker, Jamie Millar.


WHA provides various grades to suit all players with Premier Hockey played on Saturday afternoon and Reserve Hockey on Sunday.


The following grades are availbe for clubs to enter teams in.


  • Premier Grade
  • Reserve 1 Grade
  • Reserve 2 Grade
  • Reserve 3 Grade

  • Premier Grade
  • Reserve 1 Grade
  • Reserve 2 Grade


Senior Division is operated under the following rules;

If required:

  • WHA Judiciary System