Club Hockey

2020 Season

Season re-starts: 6/7 June 2020
Finals weekend: 10/11 October 2020

Official 2020 Season PlanV2 as at 22/6/20

Covid-19 Process

Please follow protocols as per instructions sent to Team Managers re latest Covid-19 rules. Remember to sign in on entry into GHC.

Access to Gallagher Hockey Centre currently requires that the following rules apply.

  • Everyone to sign in.
  • Stay in your groups (Teams and Spectators for each game are a group) maintain distancing from other groups.
  • Use staging areas for pre game team meetings or have them before reaching the ground, as changing rooms, upstairs pavilion and boardroom are unavailable for pre match use. Changing rooms are available ONLY for post match showers and changing.
  • More information is available on our Covid-19 section.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Rules & Bylaws

  2020 SD Competition Rules

For all rules visit the resources and polices page.

New Rules: Covid-19

With the Covid-19 situation there are a few extra things to be aware of:

  • Spitting and bushman nose blowing (blowing your nose without a handkerchief or tissue etc) is a practice that unfortunately occurs in our sport and must stop as it poses a significant risk to other participants
    • New Rule:
    • A 2 min suspension (green card) to be issued to any player or participant caught spitting or bushman nose blowing.
    • Repeat offenders to be shown a yellow card (5 mins). 
    • Consistent repeat offenders will be subject to a Judicial process
  • Defensive Corners and Gear
    • It is recommended that defensive masks, gloves etc are not shared, so either players will need to get their own gear OR accept the risk of sharing.
    • Alternatively, Captains/Coaches can agree to allow defensive substitutions (no time stoppages) at PC’s where masks are clearly named for those players to return.

View new rule changes ahead of hockey re-starting

​​​​​​​Player Transfers

Open the Player Transfer form.

Cafe Incentive

Please remember to collect your tokens for every $10 spent at the café and deposit in your club box.

Senior Division (SD)

The Senior Division is responsible for the Senior winter competition and is currently chaired by Marty Vickers.

Marty Maggie VICKERS

Marty & Maggie Vickers

2020 Committee: Marty Vickers (Chairperson), Anita Burton, Jerram Clulow, Steve Tiang, Kim Herod, Bruce Becker, Jamie Millar, and Jessy Brant.

Season: WHA provides various grades to suit all players with Premier Hockey played on Saturday afternoon and Reserve Hockey on Sunday.

​​​​​​​Grades: The following grades are available for clubs to enter teams in:

  • Men: Premier, Reserve 1, Reserve 2, Reserve 3
  • Women: Premier, Reserve 1, Reserve 2


Hockey is on with several restrictions and changes. NO SPECTATORS for Secondary and Intermediate. LIMITED Spectators for Mini. GHC is closed for casual use.See here for all current restrictions.