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About Waikato Hockey Umpires

Welcome to Waikato Hockey Umpires website. We aim to regularly update umpires, players, coaches and spectators on umpiring developments, issues and personalities. Waikato Hockey provides support and guidance for umpires officiating at all levels of local hockey.

Our hockey has several divisions:

    • Mini Hockey – for players year 0 – 6
    • Intermediate Hockey – years 7 – 8
    • Secondary Competitions – years 9 – 13
    • Club Hockey – played on Saturday and Sunday

For each of these competitions, the WHA provides the management, development and support to umpires.

If you have concerns or issues about umpiring let us know. All communications acknowledged and responded to in confidence.

Waikato Hockey Umpiring

Caleb Laurent
WHA Umpire Committee Chair


Hockey NZ Umpiring

For more information on a National Level visit Hockey NZ website:



For rules see our resources and polices page.

 Hockey NZ Umpire Theory Exam

If you can answer the questions in the Hockey NZ Umpire Theory Exam, WE WANT YOU!


Umpire News

“Without umpires, competitive hockey simply wouldn’t work. Umpires are crucial figures on the hockey turf and each year they officiate thousands of games at all levels of the sport throughout the country. Over time some umpires and officials will develop their skills to a level that will see them invited to national tournaments, elite clinics and even international events. New Zealand umpires have seen some great success on the world stage and are renowned for their skills.”