Waikato Hockey


07 838 0485

Adult 6-aside

Business House Hockey

Registrations closed.

    • Half field, 25min halves
    • Adults only
    • 24 team limit
    • Thursday, 22 April 2021 – finals night 26 August
    • (no play 15 July)
    • Umpires provided
    • $1800 per team, either pay in full with credit card at checkout or select direct credit with payment due first week of season.

Divisions (there will be grading rounds to balance divisions)

    • Legend’s (one for beginners, little experience, may be 1 hockey player in team)
    • Hero’s (experience, social, retired players)
    • Villain’s (more experienced, competitive, mostly current hockey players)

Mixed gender for all grades.
Reminder this is an ADULT competition (no school kids).


Draws and Standings

There is no Hockey during Level 3 - GHC is closed. [Adult 6 aside 21 Oct game cancelled]Click for updates.