Waikato Hockey


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Year 7/8 Festival

Rotorua McGrath U13 Tournament 2023 (Yr 7 & 8 players) Monday 2nd Tuesday 3rd October.

This is a 2-day festival with Tauranga, Bay of Plenty and Thames Valley.

Day 1 – 7-aside teams

Day 2 – Combine teams for 11 aside games.

Players can register as individuals or you can register players a team with a coach.

If you wish to be part of this U13 festival please complete the registration starting your preference.

  • Individual Registration
  • Team Registration with coach (8 players max)
  • Festival will include girls and boys grades
  • Year 7 and 8s mixed within teams
  • Goal Keepers or no goal keepers
  • Goal keepers can play on multiple teams
  • 2-3 games each day + workshops and other activities
  • Games start at 10am with a 40min lunch break at 12pm. Games finished by 4pm.
  • Mixed ability teams only no selected or streamed teams
  • Mixed-gender teams are able to be entered if needed, preferably entered in the boys grade.

$85 per person, Uniform shirts will be included. This does not include travel or accommodation expenses.

Registrations Close: Registrations for Waikato individuals and teams will close on 28th August 2023.

Muster: Has been postponed.

Information about the Format

Playing Format for 7 aside format

  • The standard rules of hockey apply except for the following amendments.
  • Standard hockey balls are to be used.
  • 6 field players per team on the turf at any one time and one fully kitted goal keeper.
  • Substitutions at any time except during penalty corners. Substitution of a player is permitted only after that player has left the field and tagged the oncoming player. Substitutions take place from the 11 aside field baseline.
  • Two periods of 15 minutes with five minutes between periods.
  • Played on a ½ of a hockey turf.
  • Where available, wooden boards (or similar) will be placed between the two fields and will become the side-line board. The other side-line will be the 11 aside field baseline.
  • If the ball crosses the side-line or pops over the board, the opposing team takes a free hit/push at that place. Play continues where the ball hits the board but remains in play.
  • Long corners are taken approximately 20m back from the goal line and in-line with the point at which the ball crossed the goal line.

Note: an imaginary line extending up the full sized field from the mark that is 5m from the full field goal, is 20.6m from the 6-a-side goal line so this should be used as a guide.



  • Footwear, mouth guards and shin pads must be worn by all players.
  • The ball may be pushed, slap hit or hit anywhere on the field, including in the circles.
  • Sticks are not to be raised, or used, in a dangerous manner, including lifting them over the heads of other players.
  • A player may lift or jink the ball skilfully or in the form of an overhead. Balls raised unskilfully or dangerously above “top of the shin pad” height is not allowed.


Penalty Corners

  • In the event of a penalty corner the defending team has 3 field players and the goalie positioned behind their own goal line with the remaining 3 defensive field players in the opposition goal circle.
  • A penalty corner should be taken within 30 seconds of being awarded.


Rules for No Goal Keeper

  • Goalkeepers may play across multiple teams.


Player Numbers

  • Max 8 Players to a team (9 when including a goalkeeper)

– Goal keeper would be the 7th player