Waikato Hockey Foundation Fundraiser

Waikato Hockey Foundation Turf Lot Sale

Donate $50 to the Waikato Hockey Foundation by using our new Turf Lot donation tool.  We will then put your photo on the Turf 2 map as a thank you for donating generously.

The aims of the Foundation


To provide assistance and support to those players and officials within the Association who need financial support to compete or achieve in our sport. The aim of the foundation over time is to ensure that no one in our community misses out on hockey opportunities due to financial pressures.


The membership and gifting will be set up as a donation through the Waikato Hockey Charitable Trust so will also be tax deductible for all tax payers.


Building programs to give back within our hockey community.  A percentage of what is collected each year will be able to be returned in ‘grants’ and a percentage will remain to build a fund for future generations.


To re-connect with past members (players, officials, supporters and friends) and to help keep them in touch with hockey in the Waikato and beyond.


To provide a vehicle for current players, officials, parents of players and other supporters of Waikato Hockey to give them an enhanced experience and sense of belonging.

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