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Health and Safety Information

Details for Hockey during Level 2 – updated 15.2.21

Hockey at Level 2, is going ahead, with the following rules and restrictions.

  • If these rules are unable to be followed then Hockey will not be able to run during Level 2.

Contact Tracing:

The Covid-19 app QR codes are available at the entrance of the turfs for signing in and is mandatory, WHA will have staff on the gates monitoring this. Please ensure players have the app prior to arriving at the turf to prevent queues. Paper sign in sheets are also available.

Venue numbers cannot exceed 100 (per turf), therefore:

  • Leave the turf promptly.
  • Team cheers and tapping of sticks is done off the turf.
  • SPECTATORS are discouraged while we are in Level 2.

If teams are arriving together then they may provide a completed team list on arrival using one of the below templates or using the Covid app.

MINI Attendance Register for COVID 19 Alert Level 2
INTERMEDIATE Attendance Register for COVID 19 Alert Level 2
SECONDARY Attendance Register for COVID 19 Alert Level 2

Pre Match:

  • DON’T turn up if you are sick or have symptoms (as you will be asked to leave).
  • Sign in with the NZ Covid Tracing app.
  • Changing rooms and facilities are not available.
  • Toilets are available at the end of the lower building and the pavilion.
  • Do not enter the turf until playing teams have vacated.


  • Stay in your end of the dugouts.
  • Deal with all your rubbish and leave area clear.


  • Clear the turf and dugouts quickly.
  • Those wanting to socialise afterwards, stay in your bubbles (match teams) do NOT interact with other bubbles.


  • Water fountains will be closed.
  • Everyone is expected to abide by amended HNZ health and safety covid rules (click here)

New Rules: Covid-19

With the Covid-19 situation there are a few extra things to be aware of:

  • Spitting and bushman nose blowing (blowing your nose without a handkerchief or tissue etc) is a practice that unfortunately occurs in our sport and must stop as it poses a significant risk to other participants
    • New Rule:
    • A 2 min suspension (green card) to be issued to any player or participant caught spitting or bushman nose blowing.
    • Repeat offenders to be shown a yellow card (5 mins).
    • Consistent repeat offenders will be subject to a Judicial process
  • Defensive Corners and Gear
    • It is recommended that defensive masks, gloves etc are not shared, so either players will need to get their own gear OR accept the risk of sharing.
    • Alternatively, Captains/Coaches can agree to allow defensive substitutions (no time stoppages) at PC’s where masks are clearly named for those players to return.

View new rule changes ahead of hockey re-starting


After signing in, on the way into the venue you will be asked to clean your hands.

Health & Safety Documents

WHA – Covid-19-Safety-Plan 180520

GHC Safety Rules

Covid 19 Safety Co-ordinator

General Conditions of Entry for Waikato 5’s Tournament