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Live-Streaming is starting at Waikato Hockey

Waikato Hockey Association (WHA) is excited to announce that, in partnership with Cello, the ability to view community hockey through live streaming is just around the corner through Cello Sport.

WHA  has invested in a world-class live streaming system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to bring a high-quality live streaming experience for those who can not get to the game to support their teams and whanau.

Many features will benefit our community over time. However, the focus is to provide the ability to watch community hockey from anywhere with Wifi access.

Over time we will be exploring the ability to provide video footage for player and umpire development and individuals to make highlight packages.

Stage One was the installation of the system, which is now complete. WHA is now moving into Stage Two, the Pilot Phase, where we will be live streaming selected games on Lodge Turf 1 over the remainder of the season. The Pilot Phase is specifically to iron out any issues that will invariably occur when installing any new AI system in preparation for the 2022 season.

Please Note:

This memo is to inform our community that WHA will be collecting live-streaming footage of matches played on the Lodge Turf 1 as of 31st July 2021. WHA reserve the right to use the footage for spectator viewing, resource development, promotional materials, commercial opportunities and publicity purposes.

By utilising our facilities and participating in any such games you consent to our usage of such footage.