Become an Umpire

If you are interested in umpiring please contact:

Rhys McLachlan

Brett Sanders (Ned) ​​​​


Without umpires, competitive hockey simply wouldn’t work. Umpires are crucial figures on the hockey turf and each year they officiate thousands of games at all levels of the sport throughout the country.Over time some umpires and officials will develop their skills to a level that will see them invited to national tournaments, elite clinics and even international events. New Zealand umpires have seen some great success on the world stage and are renowned for their skills.” NZ HOCKEY

If you can answer the questions in the Hockey NZ Umpire Theory Exam, WE WANT YOU!


Financial Support

Play Hockey For FREE… Match Umpiring credits can be gained to pay off Club fees. This is arranged through Ned in the WHA Office, as he processes a hundred cards a week.

Most Team Registration includes $300 for professional umpiring. An Umpiring Fee may be earned by signing the back of a match playing card. This card will be recorded and processed by Ned, in his office. He will contact you at a later date.

Of course you must first be an enrolled umpire with suitable umpires qualifications, from following the “Umpires Pathway” elsewhere on the Umpires Pages.​​​​​​​

As a Registered Umpire, you may be approached by schools for duties outside those delegated by WHA Umpires, especially during the school weekdays. Any arrangement with them is your own personal responsibility. This includes private school Tournaments.​​​​​​​​​​​​​