Local Umpires

MEMO to all umpires at any level

Any Updates or Corrections relating to Local Umpires, please contact Peter Cawkwell:


021 344 682


Umpires – Can I add your name to the list of Volunteer Umpires?

Alistair Kerr – 3rd grade, Sec Schools
Anna Billing – Intercity Umpire; FIH International
Ben Wilson – NZ, Intercity Umpire
Bevan Nichols – Intercity Umpire; FIH International
Bruce Winders – Masters, Umpires Coordinator 2019 Business House
Bruce Rosemergy – 3rd grade, Bus House,
Caitlin Mcintyre
Caleb Laurent – Intercity Umpire
Clyde du Toit – Intercity Umpire
Dan Goodman – NZU18’s, Masters, Reserve, Sec Schools
Duncan Kerr – 3rd grade
Emma Yarndley – 3rd grade, Sec Schools
Estian Hattingh – Intercity, Reserve,  NZ U18s​​​​​​​
Evan Yates -3rd grade, reserve grade, schools
Gautam Ahlawat- 3rd grade
Isaac Wade  3rd grade, reserve grade, Sec Schools
Jacob Camilleri – Intercity Umpire
Julena Phillips – NZ Masters, Intercity Umpire, FIH
Karen Tyrrell – Intercity Umpire

Kelly-Anne Foskin – Intercity Umpire
Kelvin Bennett
Lani Jackman – Intercity Umpire
Liam Nicholas -Sec Schools, Reserve,  NZ U18s
Luisa Balsom; NZU21, Intercity, Reserve,  NZ U18s​​​​​​​
Lyani Goodman – Collier, Sec Schools
Mannav Shaah – NZ L1 Umpire, Intercity
Owen Pratt – 3rd grade, reserve grade, Sec Schools
Peter Cawkwell – 3rd grade, Secondary Schools, Bus House, NZMasters
Philip Limmer – 3rd grade, reserve grade, Sec Schools
Rhys Mclachlan; NZU21, Intercity
Richard Baggs; NZU21 Technical Officer, Intercity
Ryan Mclachlan – Intercity, Reserve,  NZ U18s
Ryan Potter – Intercity Umpire; NZU21
Sabina East
Tim Woods – NZ, Intercity Umpire
Troy Allen – 3rd grade, reserve grade, Sec. Schools
Vaughan Hilton – 3rd grade
Vedant Ahlawat- 3rd grade, Bus House




Hockey is on with several restrictions and changes. NO SPECTATORS for Secondary and Intermediate. LIMITED Spectators for Mini. GHC is closed for casual use.See here for all current restrictions.