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Local Umpires

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Alistair Kerr – 3rd grade, Sec Schools
Anna Billing – Intercity Umpire; FIH International
Ben Wilson – NZ, Intercity Umpire
Bevan Nichols – Intercity Umpire; FIH International
Bruce Winders – Masters, Umpires Coordinator 2019 Business House
Bruce Rosemergy – 3rd grade, Bus House,
Caitlin Mcintyre
Caleb Laurent – Intercity Umpire
Clyde du Toit – Intercity Umpire
Dan Goodman – NZU18’s, Masters, Reserve, Sec Schools
Duncan Kerr – 3rd grade
Emma Yarndley – 3rd grade, Sec Schools
Estian Hattingh – Intercity, Reserve,  NZ U18s​​​​​​​
Evan Yates -3rd grade, reserve grade, schools
Gautam Ahlawat- 3rd grade
Isaac Wade  3rd grade, reserve grade, Sec Schools
Jacob Camilleri – Intercity Umpire
Julena Phillips – NZ Masters, Intercity Umpire, FIH
Karen Tyrrell – Intercity Umpire
Kelly-Anne Foskin – Intercity Umpire
Kelvin Bennett
Lani Jackman – Intercity Umpire
Liam Nicholas -Sec Schools, Reserve,  NZ U18s
Luisa Balsom; NZU21, Intercity, Reserve,  NZ U18s​​​​​​​
Lyani Goodman – Collier, Sec Schools
Mannav Shaah – NZ L1 Umpire, Intercity
Owen Pratt – 3rd grade, reserve grade, Sec Schools
Peter Cawkwell – 3rd grade, Secondary Schools, Bus House, NZMasters
Philip Limmer – 3rd grade, reserve grade, Sec Schools
Rhys Mclachlan; NZU21, Intercity
Richard Baggs; NZU21 Technical Officer, Intercity
Ryan Mclachlan – Intercity, Reserve,  NZ U18s
Ryan Potter – Intercity Umpire; NZU21
Sabina East
Tim Woods – NZ, Intercity Umpire
Troy Allen – 3rd grade, reserve grade, Sec. Schools
Vaughan Hilton – 3rd grade
Vedant Ahlawat- 3rd grade, Bus House

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