Umpire Workshop

Umpires Committee Members

​​​​​​​Chairperson: Rhys McLachlan (Te Awamutu)

Secretary: Bruce Rosemergy (Fraser Tech)

Estian Hattingh (Te Awamutu)
​​​​​​​Steve Tiang (Hamilton Old Boys)
Liam Nicholas (Hamilton Old Boys)
​​​​​​​Troy Allen (Secondary Umpires)
​​​​​​​Owen Pratt (Suburbs)
​​​​​​​Dan Goodman(Hamilton Old Boys)

Umpires Coordinator:
Rhys McLachlan (Te Awamutu)
​​​​​Julena Phillips​​​​​​​​​ (World Masters Umpire)


CoOpted Members

Education Co-ordinator:
Luisa Balsom (TA)
Richard Baggs (Hillcrest High)
​​​​​​​Bevan Nichol

Admin Liaison​​​​​​​, Hockey Trust:
Des Meads

Website Liaison:
​​​​​​​​​Peter Cawkwell




Hockey is on with several restrictions and changes. NO SPECTATORS for Secondary and Intermediate. LIMITED Spectators for Mini. GHC is closed for casual use.See here for all current restrictions.