Adult 6-aside

(Business House Hockey)

For those that had registered for the original competition, you will need to register again please.

Registration Close 12th June, for those that have registered by 5th June there will be a Free Welcome back night on the 11th June. (Random opposition)

• Half field, 25min halves
• Adults only
• 24 team limit, games at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm
• 18th June – 8th October (17 weeks)
• $1520

Divisions (there will be grading rounds to balance divisions)
• Legend’s (one for beginners, little experience, may be 1 hockey player in team)
• Hero’s (experience, social, retired players)
• Villan’s (more experienced, competitive, mostly current hockey players)

Mixed gender for all grades.
Reminder this is an ADULT competition (no school kids)

There are limited entries available (24 total). All teams will be notified whether they are successful in registration, if entries exceed spaces you will be notified.

Close off date: 12th June or when registrations fill up.


> Register as an individual and we will try to find you a team
> NO Guarantees.

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